So What Is Up Guys Its Your Boy Nanday Here With An Another Fresh and Interesting Post Of Best Programming Languages For A Great Future. If You Are Programmer or Willing To Learn Programming Then This Article Is Going To Very Useful For You.

Today We Will Dicuss About The Best Programming Languages That Should Must Learn For A Great Opportunity In Future. Guys, As You Know, The World Is Upgrading Themselves Day by Day and If You Want To Survive In This World Then You Must Have To Be Future Ready.

Now Without Wasting Any More Seconds Let’s Get Started With A Quick Overview:)

What Is Programming And Programming Language?

Programming Is Nothing but Just Giving Instructions To The Computers So The Computers Can Perform Various Of Tasks and Can Follow Your Instructions.
In A Little Bit More Simple Term, “Programming Means Giving Instructions To The Computers In Their Language” So Computers can Perform Your Tasks.

Programming Language

A Programming Language Is Nothing but Just A Language Of Computers Containing Various Kinds Of Instructions To Produce Various Kinds Of Outputs.
Just Like Humans, Computers Have There Own Languages That They Understands and Follow.
In Human Case, It Can Be English, Spanish, Latin etc etc. And I’m Computer Case, It Will Be Obviously Different.

Now Let’s Come To The Main Point Of Our Today’s Article.

Best Programming Languages For A Great Future

Technologies are Currently Playing A Lead Role In The Massive J-curve Development Of Our Future.
These Technologies Runs On Mainly Different Kind Programming Languages and Learning The Best Programming Languages Right Now Can Open Door for Bunches Of Opportunity.
Here Are The Best Programming Languages That Is Going To Rule In Future. Some Of These Are Very Old and Some Are Very New.
Age Of The Programming Language Doesn’t Matters Here. All Of These Languages Are Future Ready and Going To Be Most Demanding Language.

Best Programming Languages

1. Swift 


First Appeared In Year 2014, Swift Is Currently One Of The Most Recent but Very Popular Language Among IOS Developers.

Swift was Developed As A Replacement Of Objective-C By Apple. It Quickly Gained The Popularity Among IOS Developers.

Swift Helped Them To Make Their Codes More Concise, Less Buggy And Very Quicker To Write.

Future Of Swift

At Current Time, A Very Large Number Of Humans Are Spending Hours and Hours On Their Smartphones. That Means, Requirement Of A IOS Developer Is Not Going To Fade Away.
As Swift Was Introduced As A Open Source, Swift Received A Massive Help From Other Communities, Especially Linux Community.
After This Much Of Help, Swift Is Now Very Matured and Popular Within 5 Years.

2. Kotlin


First Appeared In Year 2011, Kotlin Is Currently One Of The Most Recent but Very Popular Language Among Android Developers.
Kotlin Gained Massive Amount Of Popularity After October 2017, When Google Started Fully Supporting Kotlin For Developing Android Apps As an Alternate Of Java.
Kotlin Will Be Very Familiar To You If You Already Know Swift Because Both Have Almost Same Syntax.

Future Of Kotlin

Since The Tech Giant Google Itself Has Became Kotlin-Oriented, The World Of Developers Has Started Moving Towards To Kotlin.
Many Java Apps Has Now Started Re-writing Themselves In Kotlin As Kotlin Is Viewed As A Future Of Developing Android Apps.
Some Very Big Android Apps Like Pinterest & Uber Has Been Moved To Kotlin From Java. That Means Future Of Kotlin Is Very Bright Right Now.

3. Dart

First Appeared In Year 2011, Dart Is Currently One Of The Most Recent and Future Ready Programming Language.

Imagine, Developing One App For Both Android and IOS Using A Single Language and Code. Interesting, Right?
If You Are Using Dart Language Then You Can Easily Do This. Dart Is Developed By Google and Programmers Are Using This Language To Develope Mobile Applications, Computer Applications and Web Servers.

Future Of Dart

Future Of Dart Is Very Bright At This Time. From Being Number One Of Worst Computer Language to Learn I’m 2018 to 13th Place On The List I’m Year 2019.
If You Are Taking This Language Very Lightly Then This Can Be Your Stupidest Decision.
Google’s Team Is Working Dedicatedly On This and The Result You Can Clearly See. 

4. C++

C++ Programming
First Appeared In mid-1980s, C++ Is Currently One Of The Oldest but A Very Important Programming Language For Today and Future As Well As.
It Is The Oldest But Still The Most Efficient Programming Language. C++ Is A Multi-paradigm Language.
The Word “Paradigm” Refers To “The Style Of Programming”.
C++ Contains Logics, Structures and Yes, Procedure Of Your Written Program.

If You Code Your Program On C++, Then You Can Run The Same Program On Different Operating Systems Very Easily.

Future Of C++

No Doubt C++ Is Very Old But There Is Also No Doubt That “It is Still One Of The Most Popular And Beneficial Programming Language For Programmers”.
The Core Code Of Bitcoin Is Written In C++ Language. Many More Blockchains Like Ripple is Written In C++.

Do You Know, The All New C++11, 14 & 17 Are Game Changers Of Programming Industry. They Are Offering Much better Standard Library Facilities, New Syntax and Cleaner Inter-Operation

5. Python 

PythonFirst Released In Year 1991, Python Is Currently One Of The Oldest but Most Efficient Programming Language Among Programmers.
Python Is An Interpreted, High-Level, General-purpose Programming Language. It Is Often As The First Language Taught In Computer Courses because It Is Too Easy to Understand and Learn In Compare With Others.

Python Is Easy But Very Powerful Programming Language. It Plays A Very Important Role In Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Internet Of Things.

Future Of Python

Python Is Considered As a Great and Most Efficient Programming Language For Web Development and Automation.

However Python Doesn’t Had A Great Years In Past but It’s Trend Is Still Constant In 21st Century.
As I Previously Said, Python Considered As A Great Language For Web Development Purposes. That Means If You Are Interested In Web Field, Then You Must Go With Python.
The Trend And Usages Of Python Is Not Going To Fade Soon In Future.

That’s It For Today Guys. I Hope You Found Our Article Useful And Now You Can Choose A Language To Start Learning Programming For Future.

If You Have Any Kind Of Question, Suggestions or Feedbacks Then Feel Free To Let Us Know In The Comment Section.

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