So What Is Up Guys Its Your Boy Nanday Here With An Another Fresh and Interesting Post Of How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website. If You Are Suffering From A Very Slow Loading Speed Of Your WordPress Website Then You Are On A Perfect Blog. Here We Shared Our Own Personal Experience and Well Proven Methods To Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

So Without Wasting Any More Seconds, Lets Get Started With A Quick Overview Of Why You Should Pay Attention On The Loading Speed Of Your Website.

Why You Should Speed Up Your Website’s Loading Speed?

Loading Speed Of Your Website Is Most Important Part Of Your Website/Blog After Your Content. The More Fast Loading Speed You Will Provide, The More Conversion You Will Get.

It Is Like A Backbone Of Your Website. A Fast Loading Website Is Going To Help In These Ways-

1. SEO

According To Google, A Fast Loading Blog Will Rank Faster Than A Slow Loading Blog. If You Are Not Getting Good Enough Traffic From Google Then Make Sure To Improve Your Loading Speed.

If Your Website Is Loading Very Slow Then Your Visitors Will Skip Your Content and Jump To An Another Website. This Thing Is Going To Increase Your Bounce Rate and As A Result, Your Ranking Will Be Decreased. So Make Sure If You Want To Keep Holding Your Ranking Then Optimize Your Loading Speed.

2. User Experience

Your First Priority Should Be The Experience Of Your Users With Your Website. In Some Cases, If Your Content Is Valuable Then Audience Can Wait for Few Seconds To Load Your Content! Now It Is Your Responsibility To Offer Them A Good Experience.

Every Single Satisfied Visitors Are Equals To Millions For You If You Have Just Started.

3. Better Conversion

If You Are Running an Online Store Then The Loading Speed Of Your Online Store Will Be The Main Factor Of Your Good or Bad Conversions.
In A Survey, It Is Found That 47% Of The Consumers Wants To Load The Website in or within Two Seconds. 40% Of The Consumers Will Skip Your Website If It Takes More Than Two Seconds To Load.
It Is Said That, Improving 1 Second Of Your Loading Speed Can Increase Your Conversion Rate Between 10 to 20%.
The Reasons To Improve Your Loading Speed Is Countless But These Were The Main Reasons To Improve Your WordPress Website’s Loading Speed Now!

Now Lets Come Back To Our Main Point:)

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

There Are Thousands Of Articles Available On The Internet Showing You The Tutorial To Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed. But Trust Me Guys, Most Of Them Are Promotional Posts or Doing Affiliate Of Some Products.
These Blogs Are Using Thousand Dollar Servers And Showing You The Tutorial To Improve Your 10$ Server, What Rubbish Is This.

Lets Start With Our First Step: (All These Methods Are My Own Tested and Suggested By Real Web Experts)

1. Choose A Healthy Server

If You Are Using CMS Like WordPress Then Make Sure To Choose A Healthy Hosting For Your Website. If You Are Just Getting Started With It Then Go With A Shared Hosting.

I Would Like To Suggest Resellerclub and Namecheap For A Best Budget Shared Hosting.

If You Have Little Bit Good Budget and Some Technical Knowledge Then Please Go With A VPS. DigitalOcean’s VPS Costs You Only 5$ Per Month For Perfectly Optimized Virtual Private Server.

2. Select A Light Weight Theme

Many Of The Bloggers and Newbies Makes Mistakes While Choosing a Theme For Their WordPress Theme. They Always Go With a Heavy or Cracked Themes Which Makes Their Websites Very Slow To Load.

If You Are Running A Blog On WordPress Then I Will Suggest You To Go With GeneratePress or Astra.

If You Have Good Budget To Invest Then Go With A Premium Theme but Avoid Cracked or GPL Themes.

3. Use Cache Plugins

Every Time A Visitor Visits Your Website, Your Server Starts Assembling Your Website and Then Deliver It To The Visitor. The Process Of Fetching Your Data To Deliver The Complete Website Takes Some Times. Via Using Cache Plugin, You Can Speed Up This Process and Make Your Website Faster To Load.

I Would Suggest W3 Total Cache Plugin If You Are Looking For A Free Cache Plugin. If You Have Good Budget To Invest On Your Website Then Go With Wp Rocket Premium Cache Plugin.

4. Optimize Your Images

Images Are One Of The Main Factor That Slow Downs Your Website’s Loading Speed. Max Of The Newbies Doesn’t Have Any Idea About What The Heck Is Image Optimization?
Adding Raw Images To Your Web Pages Requires More Resources To Properly Load Them, Which Makes Your Website Slower Than Usual. Before Adding Images To Your Website, Make Sure To Compress Them Via Using Some Online Image Compressors.

I Would Suggest TinyPNG To Compress Your Images For Free Of Cost. Please Avoid Using Plugins For This Thing.

5. Avoid Using Too Many Plugins

Don’t Make Your WordPress Website Too Heavy Via Adding Too Many Plugins. More Plugins Requires More Resources and As A Result, Your Loading Speed Slow Downs.

You Can Google For Alternate Of Some Of The Plugins.

So That Is It For Today Guys:)

I Hope You Found Our Today’s Article Useful and Now You Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website. If You Have Any Kind Of Doubt or Suggestion Then Feel Free To Let Us Know In The Comment Section.

Thank You:)

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