So What Is Up Guys Its Your Boy Sagar Here With An Another Fresh and Interesting Post Of How To Improve Your Coding Skills. If You Are In Field Of Coding or Have Just Started With Coding Then Must Check This Complete Post. Here I Have Discussed About How You Can Improve Your Coding Skills. So Without Wasting Any More Seconds Let’s Get Started With Our Today’s Article. We Are Living At Generation Where Your Skills Matters A Lot In Compare To Your Knowledge. Your Vast Knowledge Will Be Useless If You Doesn’t Have Good Skills. In The Field Of Coding or Programming, Your Code Writing Skills Are Going To Matter A Lot. It Can Improve Your Speed, Make Your Scripts More Seamless and Optimize The Speed Of Your Commands.

Why You Should Improve Your Coding Skills?

Its All Start With A “Why?” . Your First Question Should Be “Why You Should Improve Your Coding Skills?” , What Kind Of Benefit It Is Going To Provide You? Let Me Answer This:)
If You Are Wondering To Enter Companies Like Google and Facebook Then You Must Have To Keep In Your Mind That “These Companies Are Going To Offer You Jobs On The Basis Of Your Skills Not On Your Knowledge or Degree!”
On Another Hand, If You Are Learning Coding Just For Fun or Personal Usages Then Ask A Question To Yourself “Why You Should Not Learn In A Proper Way?”
I Mean If You Are Going To Put Your Precious Time To Learn Coding Then Why You Should Not Learn It In A Proper Way? Learning In a Proper Way With Skills Can Help You To Learn Coding or Programming Very Easily. It Will Be Less Time Consuming For You.
If You Are Entering In This Field To Work As A Freelancer Then Please Please Please Focus On Your Skills. Your Coding Skills Are Going To Save Time For You So You Can Take More Projects and Earn More. A Well Coded Project Will Help Your Client To Easily Understand Your Work. A Well Satisfied Client Will Be Beneficial For Your For Lifetime. 

Benefits Of Improving Your Coding Skills:-

  • A Well Skilled Coder Takes Less Time To Complete Their Project In Compare To Others.
  • Your Skills Can Help You To Learn More Programming Languages.
  • Big Companies Like Google Offers Job To A Well Skilled Programmer, Not A Well Educated Programmer.
  • With The Help Of Good Coding Skills, You Can Make Your Program Less Buggy and Easy To Understand For Others.

 Now Let’s Jump Back To Our Main Topic Of How To Improve Your Coding Skills. Here Are Some Of The Most Beneficial and Well Proven Ways To Improve Your Coding Skills. These Ways Are Driven From Experience Of Years and Suggested From Well Known Coders/Developers.

How To Improve Your Coding Skills ? 

Here Are The Ways/Tips You Must Follow To Improve Your Skills. Let’s Start With Our First One

1. Start Your Day With A Goal 

Starting Your Day With A Goal As A Developer Will Boost Up Your Productivity. Try To Maintain A Healthy Routine For Your Day.
If You Are Going To Start Your Day Now Then Make Your Goal First! You Can Make Goals Like “How Much You Have To Code Today” or “Which Error You Have To Solve Today” or “Which Project You Have To Complete Today”.
Once You Started Making and Completing Your Daily Goals, You Will Start Loving Coding More. To Make It More Effective, You Can Set Punishments For Yourself If Your Fails To Complete Your Daily Task.

2. Reading Books

Great Programmers/Coders Always Shares Their Experience and Depth Knowledge Through Their Books. You Can Purchase Physical Books Of These Authors or Just Make Purchase For E-books. This Will Help To Learn In Depth With Their Own Experience. It Will Also Help You To Understand The Difference Between Good Programming and Bad Programming.

3. Start Contributing To Open Sources

Contributing To Open Sources Gives You The Opportunity To Discuss With Other Programmers. If You Can Answer A Question Here Then It Will Male You Sure That You Have Enough Knowledge On That Particular Situation. Your Answer Will Be Reviewed by Thousands Of Other Coders and They Will Definitely Suggest You Some Good Changes To Your Codes.

Since You Are Going To Discuss With Many Other Well Talented Programmers From Worldwide, Your Programming Skills Will Be Definitely Improve Via Sharing Your Ideas and Understanding Their Solutions. QUORA Will Be A Great Option For You.

4. Bookmark Good Blogs For Programmers

If You Don’t Want or Don’t Like To Study Books Then You Can Follow Some Awesome Blogs To Keep Yourself Up-to-dated With New Coding Approaches. Since These Blogs Are Written By A Programmer Itself, It Will Be A Good Opportunity To Learn From Their Experience.

Blogs Are The Short Pieces Of Information So It Can Be Easily Digest.

5. Repeat Your Codes

Once You Complete Your Coding, Make Sure To Repeat The Entire Code for Atleast One or Two Times. Repeating Your Own Codes Will Be Like Testing Your Codes. You Can Make Some Changes While Re-checking Your Codes and Make Your Entire Code More Smooth and Less Buggy.

6. Share Your Knowledge

Power Is Gained By Sharing Knowledge, Not Hoarding It.


You Can Start Your Blogs or Youtube Channel To Sharing What You Have Learned. Sharing Your Knowledge Will Help and Motivate Your Mind To Learn More and More and More… It Will Also Improve Your Memorizing Power. Sharing and Explaining Your Knowledge Helps You To Understand That Particular Topic In More Depth.

So That Is It For Today Guys. I Hope You Found Our Today’s Article Useful and It Is Going To Help You To Improve Your Skills.

If You Have Any Kind Of Doubt or Suggestion Then Feel Free To Let Us Know In The Comment Section.

Happy Coding:)

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