So What Is Up Guys, Its Your Boy Nanday Here With an Another Fresh and Interesting Post Of Programming vs CMS For Web Development. Today We Are Going To Discuss Everything You Should Know Before You Start Your Career As A Web Developer. If You Are Interested In Web Development or Wondering To Start Your Career as a Web Developer Then Must Read This Complete Copy.

So Without Wasting Any More Seconds, Lets Get Started With A Quick Overview:)

What Does Web Development Actually Means? 

Web Development Is A Kind Of Online Work Where A Developer Creates Websites For Internet, For Clients or For Their Personal Usages. It Is A Work That Happens Behind Our Scene To Make A Website(That We Explores All The Time) Functioning, Smooth and Beautiful.

Web Development Includes Creating/Developing A Simple Static Page to Advanced Web Applications or Custom Full Functioning Websites.

Career In Web Development

No Doubt There Is A Very Big Career Scope In Web Development. A Well Skilled Developer Can Easily Generate Six Figure Revenue From It.
Being A Web Developer Is Currently One Of The Most Demanding Career Option. A Web Developer Can Work Independently as a Freelancer or As A Team Member In A Agency or Company.
Choosing Web Development As A Career Is A Great Option Because The Internet Is Continuously Expanding. Demand Of A Developer Is Never Going To Over.

DO YOU KNOW : The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Stated That Web Development Jobs Will Increase by a Growth Rate Of 13% Between 2018 to 2028.
If We Talk About The Salary Of A Web Developer Then, BLS Stated That Web Developers Earned an Annual Salary Of $69,430 as of Year 2018.

Now Lets Come To Our Main Point Of Programming vs CMS For Web Development

Programming vs CMS For Web Development

Programming or CMS, Which One Is Better Totally Depends On Who Is Creating The Website and What Type Of Website Is Required. Before We Start, Lets Have A Look On What Is CMS

What Is CMS ? 

CMS, Content Management System, Is A Web Software That Helps Us To Create Dynamic Websites Without Having Any Technical Knowledge.
If We Talk In Simple Form Then, This Is Just A Tool Which Helps You To Create A Full Functioning Website Without Writing A Single Code.
A CMS Handles All The Required Infrastructure/Functions On Behalf Of You So You Can Easily Build Your Website Without Going In The Core Of A Website.
If We Talk About Top 10 CMS In 2020 Then WordPress Is Currently Number One On This List.

Now Let’s Jump Back To Our Main Topic.

Programming vs CMS : Which One Is Best For You?

To Clarify Which One Is Best For You, We Have To Look On The Advantages Of Both Programming and CMS.



Programming or Coding Is The Traditional Method To Build A Website From Scratch. Here You Have To Write The Codes For Every Front end and Back end Functions.
You Have To Know The Basic Codings and Some Advance Coding or Programming Language To Build A Simple or Dynamic Website.
Writing Codes Is No Doubt Very Time Consuming Work but Once You Get To Use It, You Can Easily Build Your Desired Website.
Programming Makes You Independent To Do Anything With Your Website. There Is No Any Barrier In Showing Your Creativity or Adding Extra Functions To Your Website.
Here You Are Allowed To Use Shortcuts While Writing Codes For Your Website So You Can Optimize The Loading Speed Of Your Website.
Since Using Coding For Building A Website Is Such A Time Consuming Task, Companies and Clients Pays A Very Good Amount Of Salary To The Developers.

Content Management System

CMS Is Modern Method To Build A Website From A Pre-made Structure. Here You Don’t Need To Write The Codes For Every Front end and Back end Functions.
If You Want To Create Your Website Through CMS Then You Don’t Need To Learn Any Programming Language or Technical Knowledge.
It Is Just A Drag and Drop Thing. You Just Need To Select, Enable, Disable and Customize Objects On Your Website.
There Are Lots Of Free and Paid Plugins and Templates are Available On The Market For CMS. Using These Plugins and Templates, You Can Fulfil Your Requirements.
Here You Don’t Need To Play With The Codes To Optimize Your Loading Speed. You Can Simply Use Some Plugins For Cache Management To Improve Your Speed If You Are Using WordPress.
You Can Compress The Size Of Images To Improve Your Loading Speed.
Since You Are Not Going To Write Any Single Code, You Can Easily Build Your Website Withing Hours.
Companies and Clients are Ready To Adopt Websites Made On CMS and Paying Such S Very Good Amount For This Work.


Conclusion Of This Topic Totally Depends On Who Is Building The Website and What Are The Requirements Of The Website.
As You Can See, Both Of These Methods To Build A Website Have Lots Of Advantages (and obviously some disadvantages).
If You Are Interested In Playing With Codes and Want To Be A Professional Programmer Then Just Start Building Your Website With Programming From Now!
If You Have No Knowledge Of Codes Then CMS Is The Only Option For You. A CMS Doesn’t Requires Any Programming or Technical Skills.
Programming Makes You Free To Add Additional Functions To Your Website With No Any Restrictios.
In Another Hand, There Are Certain Restrictions In CMS but You Can Easily Use Some Available Plugins and Templates To Complete Your Requirements.
If You Have Something Innovative Idea, Then You Have To Go With Programming because CMS Is Not Going To Capable For Your Innovation.
However, Programming or CMS, Your Career Is Fully Secured On Both Of These. The World Is Adopting Internet Very Fast So The Developers Are Very Important For The Entire World.
Personally, We Would Like To Suggest You Learn Both Of These. Through CMS You Can Build A Good Looking Front end Functioning Website Within Hours.
If You Need Some Additional Functions Then You Can Easily Do Some Programming To Do So.

So That Is It For Today Guys:)
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